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Raffle rules

How to Enter:

  • Log in daily and wager $100 to earn 1 ticket. Under this condition, you can earn a maximum up to 7 tickets per week.
  • For every $1000 USD you wager, you will receive one extra ticket. The number of tickets you will get increases with your wager amount.
  • Every entry will correlate to an entry number.
  • Your entry numbers can be found on the same page.
  • Maximum tickets accumulated per user can be up to 100 tickets per week.

Weekly Raffle Draw:

  • Weekly raffle draws every Monday at 12:00:00 UTC; the winners will be announced on the same page.

Terms and Conditions:

  • У вас має бути обліковий запис на BC.GAME.
  • У щотижневому розіграші беруть участь усі види ставок у "Казино" та "Спорт", окрім використання BCL та JB.
  • BC.GAME Залишає за собою право визнати недійсною, призупинити, скасувати або змінити цю акцію, якщо вважатиме це за потрібне.
  • Entries will be declared void if the entrant is found engaging in fraud, misrepresentation, hacking, or exploitation.
  • BC.GAME Залишає за собою право проводити додаткові перевірки KYC/AML як умову отримання щотижневої винагороди в розіграші.

Winning Prize Details:

No. 15000.00
No. 23500.00
No. 32000.00
No. 41500.00
No. 51000.00
No. 6500.00
No. 7500.00
No. 8500.00
No. 9500.00
No. 10500.00
No. 11 ~ No. 20100.00
No. 21 ~ No. 5050.00
No. 51 ~ No. 15020.00

Поширені запитання

How to earn the “ticket”? How many tickets can I collect?
  • Log in daily and wager $100 to in the same day to earn 1 ticket and maximum 7 tickets per week.
  • By every wager of $1,000, you will earn 1 extra ticket. The more wagers, the more tickets.
  • Maximum number of tickets collected per user can be up to 100 tickets per week.
  • Ticket refresh every 10 mins, please check in 'My Tickets' section.
When the winner be announced?
  • Winner will be announced every Monday at 12:00:00 UTC. The winner list can be found on the same page.
  • Raffle reward will credit to BC.GAME account within 48 hours.
Can I win multiple rewards in a round of weekly raffle?
  • Unfortunately, no. One(1) user can win one(1) time per week. Collect more tickets to increase the winning chances.
Can I join the next raffle with “Old Ticket”?
  • Unfortunately, no. Users have to re-accumulate the new ticket(s) in order to join the new weekly raffle.
Can I know more about the time period?
  • For “Daily login and wager $100”, users must complete the requirement between 00:00 UTC ~ 23:59 UTC in order to earn the ticket.
  • For “Every wager of $1,000 to earn extra tickets”, there is no time limitation.
  • The weekly raffle starts every Monday at 12:00:00 UTC to Sunday at 11:59:59 UTC. (All tickets accumulated in one week will not count in the next week.)
  • The lucky winner list will be updated on the same page by every Monday at 12:00:00 UTC, and rewards will be distributed within 48 hours.