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Mancala Gaming had first been established in 2019, and the company is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic. Mancala Gaming stands for an ambitious vision and creative new slot games. Interestingly Mancala Gaming has aimed to create slot games that not only offer unique themes, but the company also produces slots that mainly appeal to Millennials. The company’s upbeat attitude and relevant slot titles are what make this company’s iGaming solutions so sought after. While Mancala Gaming had only been founded in 2019, the company already boasts an extensive library of over 90 different slot titles. This is a great number of slots even compared to some of the biggest and most established suppliers within the industry. The company aims to produce around 10 to 15 slot games each year, and by the looks of it, Mancala Gaming has kept its promise thus far. Mancala Gaming’s forward thinking doesn’t stop at producing a vast number of titles, the company is also committed to ensuring players on any device and operating system can access and enjoy their games. This includes iOS, Android, Microsoft, and devices everywhere from smartphones and tablets to desktops. As mentioned earlier Mancala Gaming produces slot titles that are aimed at pleasing Millennials. The majority of Mancala Gaming slots offer a far more mature theme and design as opposed to other software providers, some might say its games have a slightly sinister feel to them. Mancala Gaming has even created its very own version of slot games, known as dice slots. The Portal Master Dice slot is an amazing rendition of slot titles that feature dice instead of symbols, there are also unique features such as interactive free spins where players can either use special symbols to produce larger wins on a single spin or they can be saved up and used to enter the free spins round. Apart from Portal Dice Master, Mancala Gaming has also produced popular slot titles such as Twin Wins Mystery slot, which serves as a reminder of the two young girls who lurk in the corridors of the classic horror film, The Shining. One can’t mention popular Mancala Gaming slots without mentioning Braindead which won the slot of the month on Bonus.com in November 2021 as well as Jewel Mania which won the slot of the month in June 2022. This goes to show that though Mancala Gaming is still a very new iGaming supplier in the industry, the company certainly puts a wonderful commitment to its stance on producing creative and ambitious slot titles. As Mancala Gaming had only been established in 2019, the company is in the process of receiving certification from the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. However, once again the company has upheld its ambitious stance even throughout responsible gambling as well. Mancala Gaming slots have been developed in such a way that chasing losses and gambling with money that players cannot afford to lose is frowned upon. The company follows steps that have been recommended by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, such as slowing down the spins on a slot and even displaying the game time profit and losses which have already been implemented. The online gambling industry has become vastly popular, and as a by-product of its popularity, there are thousands of new slot titles being released each year. Even though the market is flooded with thousands upon thousands of slots, Mancala Gaming has still managed to separate itself from competitors. With a strong dedication to producing ambitious and creative slot titles aimed at appealing to Millennials, Mancala Gaming has added fresh and unexplored themes within its casino games.
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