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Limbo is straightforward and simple, yet engaging all the same. This is why it’s ideal for all players regardless of experience or expertise, as well as any budget and risks of appetite. You have the choice to go either really small or make a beeline for bigger wins as high as 1 000 000x your wager.

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Claim 15.40 tha but open bcd 10 huy h any one tell me happen
Limbo es lo maximo...
If all of you don't play this scam games the have no choice only stop scams
Fucking bc
love this game
Limbo is great game!!!
If u will loss 5000$ then BC will give u 500$ win...
LOOK GYUZ.... it's not fake or a scam, it's all up to you how you take it, i am playing limbo for the last year, i am only addicted to Limbo and found it best when it comes to boosting. Limbo reacts very greenly if you keep the 😀 😀 low... all the best, Thank you BC
Limbo bad
No wonder they can't serve players from the u. S. They would get shut down I'm ediateoy for this. I'm up to $8,000 then because I withdrew it, I get punished? Who the hell do you think you are? I even showed plenty of generosity. I made it rain a total of 12,000 xlm, if not, more!!! You need to change your business practices to "actually fair," not a fake word like "probably." Ain't fooling me one but.
good luck all
Good luck all
Unlucky... Bet @1.9 , got 14 Reds in Arrow. And finally got busted
Good luck everyone
Good luck
Good bc game