Classic Dice
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BC.Game’s Classic Dice is a perfect example of why this has been a leading industry game for years. It's a game of probability established by blockchain hash value calculation and algorithm. Hold on tight as the dice roll! The closer your predicted number is to the randomly generated number, the higher your probability of winning!

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Good luck gamblers
dice only lost, good to makes big wagger
Hawe fun
Yes Iran
Good luck have fun
Good luck
Love bc game👍❤️
Play safe guys, Calculate properly
win big guys
Good luck all friends
i won 3k usd than i lost 6k usd now i won 4.2k usd which is 1.2k pure profit so im stopping it. if you guys in profit don't be greedy. just cash out before you lose and regret
only bet what you can afford to lose i have done over 3,000,000 spins and found that the impossible can happen even if its only 1 time. remember the sites aim is to make money so you will lose eventually, have fun dont gamble to make money
It happens way to much to be coincidence...‽‽
I want play ever time , i don't know how to do money not coming back
Bet Smart, NOT Hard 😎
Stop crying about losses, this is a GAMBLING site not a charity or making easy money site.. if you cant take losses DONT GAMBLE, just keep your money under your pillow..